Bettering Lives and the World

Supporting you in creating your story, making its meaning, and living your authentic life.

Awareness • Acceptance • Authenticity

I work with professionals, creatives, technicians, CEOs, Moms and Dads, students, teachers, clergy, leaders, and followers to better their lives and world.

Coming alongside where you are at, I offer professional questions and perspectives to problem solve and create the life you wish to live.

Together, we navigate relationships, sharpen thinking, and reach goals.  Most importantly, we’ll integrate the whole of your life – self, relationships, communities, work, family, play, mind, body, soul, and spirit – so you can live your principles and bring your hopes into being.

light at the end of the tunnel
“I always enjoyed Charles’ perspective. At the end of a long week of self-doubt and self-pity, he always found the right words to reset my thoughts.”


Weathered tree growing out of rock |

A safe and grace-filled approach to assess yourself, face obstacles and grow.


Self-discoveries for the curious and open-minded.


New perspectives to become unstuck and locate what’s missing or standing in your way.

Central Park

Wholeness and balance by fitting your pieces together.

Three Kaleidoscopes brighter medium
“Everything depends on the individual human being…through action and not mere words, creatively making the meaning of life a reality in his or her own being.”
Viktor Frankl in Yes to Life


Stairway to Heaven


Perfect for those looking for a fresh approach to living their principles and beliefs.

Charles Trittin


Charles plans with you the celebrations in your life, such as wedding ceremonies and other special events.

Man with Microphone


Speaking and teaching his whole adult life, Charles is compelling before an audience or group.

About Charles

Charles Trittin (B.A., M.Div.) seeks to better lives and the world.

As a Life Guide he comes alongside and listens to your stories, questions and aspirations.  He draws on his personal history of transcending challenges, 20+ years of family and natural systems training, and 25 years as a progressive pastor.

Charles is particularly adept at discovering the divine in everyday life, whether it be in lyrics to a song or something found alongside the sidewalk.  Self, soul, spirit and relationships provide the cornerstones to his work, as they do life itself.

Charles Trittin
“There is a great deal of individual and collective pain right now. It’s a spiritual crisis as everyone faces the fragility of life and the human condition. Many need guidance in a different way and from a different system. Charles has these skills and experiences that are essential and really useful to everyone going through this.”

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