Since launching as a Life Guide in February 2020 my work has connected me with remarkably strong and curious people as well as many opportunities for growth and exploration for both me and my clients.

I worked with a consultant on applying Gallup’s Builder Profile and the Clifton Strengths Finder to my practice.

Was interviewed by “Psychology Today” and featured in their October 2020 article on resilience, “Designed for Success”.

Guested on a podcast for the Twin Cities Wellness Collective hosted by Alex Morrall and shared my thoughts on creating wellness by working with clients on owning all of their lives and then bringing their best selves into all their relationships and communities.

Gathered with the Intertwine spiritual community in NE Minneapolis online and shared parts of my story relevant to their seasonal theme, “The Courage to Fall”.

Shared what I call a “Right Now Daily Question” every day on social media since April 18 to help access the thinking brain in the current moment amidst these times of high emotion and anxiety.

Written blogs about being a Life Guide, living in the pandemic, exploring my shadow, as well as spirituality in rock and pop music.

I’m honored by my work with you as a Life Guide. It always starts with meeting the client where they are at and exploring together through a wide variety of perspectives the present, where they’ve been, and what they want to create in the rest of their life. In the last year, my work has included:

· Doing extensive family of origin work with someone so she doesn’t feel so stuck and overwhelmed in her relationship with her aging parents.

· Exploring spirituality and faith with a young couple experiencing the birth of their first child.

· Assessing friendships with a middle-aged man and determining which are helpful and which are unhealthy.

· Guiding a woman who was forced to change careers due to the pandemic and who is looking into a different educational and career path. We also navigated her holidays and time spent with her family, creating space and managing expectations.

· Working with another seeking better self-definition in his relationships with his mother, wife, and adult daughter.

· Sitting with an active 65-year-old male amidst anger and sadness over the ending of a nascent relationship with a widow.

· Supporting a woman whose job stress increased exponentially amidst the pandemic and who is also navigating mixed signals about a deeper relationship with friend.

· Exploring the Enneagram with an 8-The Asserter who wishes to take himself less seriously.

· Counseling a young couple in preparation for their summer wedding by exploring their families of origin and discussing the pieces they wish to keep and create as well as leave behind in their life together.

· Grieving with a husband, his adult children and their spouses when his wife and their mom died quickly after an infection.

All the while, like everyone else, I’ve lived as a spouse, father, son, brother, and friend amidst the pandemic, economic disruption, societal change, and political turmoil. I continue to work with my therapist, Lyndsey Fraser, on my own long-standing and emerging issues. Her guidance and presence are always life-giving and inform my work with you.

Reading is important to me and I like recommending books, so here are two:

· “Fantasyland” by Kurt Andersen explores the history of the United States and locates throughout the centuries religious, magical, and non-scientific thinking right up to today.

· “Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything” by Viktor Frankl. The book capture lectures by psychiatrist, neurologist, Holocaust survivor, and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning” eleven months after his liberation. “Yes to Life” is their first appearance in English.

If I’m not already, I would love the opportunity to work with you to better your life and the world. I offer a free half-hour consultation. You can reach me by completing the brief form on the home page. Please share this with others who may be interested.

Happy 2021! Thank you, be well, and much peace!

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