About Charles

Charles Trittin (B.A., M.Div.) seeks to better lives and the world.

As a Life Guide he comes alongside and listens to your stories, questions and aspirations.  He draws on his personal history of transcending challenges, 20+ years of family and natural systems training, and 25 years as a progressive pastor.

Working as a client of Charles includes:

•Creating your story •Assessing strengths and stressors •Transforming responses •Finding and developing perspectives •Navigating transitions •Separating thinking and feeling •Assisting in decisions •Strengthening relationships, teams and communities •Discovering your myths and metaphors •Promoting healing and wellness •Living authentically •Finding community •Turning your ideals into reality.

Charles is particularly adept at discovering the divine in everyday life, whether it be in lyrics to a song or something found alongside the sidewalk.  Self, soul, spirit and relationships provide the cornerstones to his work, as they do life itself.

He jokes that words are his friends.  His walls are filled with books and his desk covered in pads of paper and pencils.  He loves to share what is on his mind through writings and public speaking.  A gifted personal storyteller, Charles uses images, metaphors, and other rhetorical devices to share his thinking while assisting those who work with him in making discoveries.

Working and playing are the same for him.  A wonderful meal of saltimbocca (Italian, “dancing on the tongue”) connects to what else is currently dancing in his life.  A comedy special on Netflix speaks as well to the pain beneath all humor.  Cheering for the Twins and Vikings are ways to be on the side of the underdog as well as the ever hopeful. U2 singing in the rain at TCF Bank Stadium on a hot July night celebrates joyous transcendence.  The lengthy hospitalization and recovery of his wife forces him to shut out trivialities, focus only on what matters, and laugh and cry with his children amidst the absurdity.

He is profiled in the October 2020 Psychology Today article on resilience, “Designed for Success”.

Charles resides in Eagan, MN and is married to his wife of over 30 years, Denise.  They have two adult children, Karl and Maggie, and a bluetick coonhound, Elvis.