Work With Charles

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Life Guide

Charles Trittin has come along side people for over 25 years to better their lives and the world.

Working as a client of Charles includes: •Creating your story •Assessing strengths and stressors •Transforming responses •Finding and developing perspectives •Navigating transitions •Separating thinking and feeling •Assisting in decisions •Strengthening relationships, teams and communities •Discovering your myths and metaphors •Promoting healing and wellness •Living authentically •Finding community •Turning your ideals into reality.


Moreover, as a secular coach, Charles can assist you in connecting the memories and events of your life to your goals and greatest hopes.  He finds that people who own the whole of their existence are better able to be their best.

He draws upon his life experiences and personal efforts with coaches and therapists and frequently shares his own life – the good, the bad, and the funny – with his clients.  His knowledge of family systems, history, literature, and the wisdom of great human thinkers who pondered questions of the human condition and took action are beneficial. He is an attentive listener and has been trained to ask the right questions.

Charles is particularly adept at discovering the divine in everyday life, whether it be in lyrics to a song or something found alongside the sidewalk.  Self, soul, spirit and relationships provide the cornerstones to his work, as they do life itself.

He enjoys working with those looking for a fresh approach to living their principles and beliefs.

“I love being with curious people who have a sense of place in the human family and universe and yearn to nurture and act on it.  My friends have a variety of beliefs and experiences.  In the end we’re all looking for the same things.”

Becoming a life guide has been on his mind for 15 years and he began the transition at the end of 2019.

Life Events

Charles can plan with you the celebrations in your life, such as blessings, baptisms, wedding ceremonies and other special events.

He is also a professional partner when you receive bad news and life unexpectedly becomes challenging and overwhelming.  Whether it be relationship difficulties, job loss, illness or hospitalization, Charles can help you by finding perspective and locating possibilities and hope.  When you face death of a loved one, he can plan with you a memorial service or funeral that celebrates their life and comforts all who grieve.

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Public Speaking & Workshops

Speaking and teaching his whole adult life, Charles is compelling before an audience or group.  He is available to speak and lead events on a variety of topics, including:

  • The Divine In Daily Life
  • What Does My Life Mean?
  • Creating And Exploring Your Family Map
  • Family Systems Theory
  • When Bad Things Happen
  • Soul And Spirit In Rock And Pop Music